Pinot Meunier Rosé 2021

The Champenoise winemakers respect Meunier for its fresh acidity, moderate brix and low tannin levels. Furthermore, for the plush fruit character it brings to a wine. These characters lend it perfectly to a pure single variety Rose.

The direct press method enables us to make a Rose 'Provence Pink' in colour, which is mouth filling, medium bodied and has a generous nose of wild berries and watermelon.

The small portion of wine that has completed malolactic fermentation brings a lovely creaminess to the nose and smooth silk to the palate. The wine is teased out to a long clear finish by a fresh citrusy acidity.

Technical Data

VARIETAL Pinot Meunier Rosé 2021
VINEYARD Greystone Vineyard
HARVEST 12th March 2021
BARREL AGING Nil, stainless steel
PH 3.37
T/A 6.6g/L

Proudly made from 100% Pinot Meunier, a red grape variety most noted for being one of the three main grapes used in the making of Champagne. The fruit for this wine was whisked from the vineyard pre-dawn on the 12th March 2021, well before the day warmed up. Once at the winery the fruit was quickly destemmed, transferred to the press, de-juiced directly and sent to tank for cold settling. Once well clarified the juice was racked to another tank for ferment. The juice was inoculated with yeast - chosen for the ability to liberate a high concentration of fermentation esters.

The ensuing ferment was kept cool to maintain a civilized pace and preserve the glorious aromatics. As the residual sugar in the wine crept into the single digits a small portion of the wine was peeled off to a smaller tank to undergo malolactic fermentation. The winery team began tasting daily, weighing up the two wines’ character where together there would be overall balance. Once a consensus was reached the wines were deeply chilled to arrest ferment. From there the two wines were recombined and the wine then moved quickly yet gently through the finishing steps for the first bottling of the year in early July 2021.